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Sorrento musical show only

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From 01-05-2018 - To 31-10-2018
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The stately courtship tarantella danced by a group of couples, short in duration, is graceful and elegant and features characteristic music.

Witness a tradition of 2 centuries of Neapolitan dances, costumes, and music at the Armida Theatre. Magical songs including "Torna a Surriento" "Funiculi Funicula" will take you back in time through historically accurate scenery, recounting the daily life of southern Italians.

The first scene represents the sea. Fishermen prepare for their daily work and their labour is only lightened by songs such as "Piscatore 'e Pusillepo," "'O marenariello," and "Michelemmà."

Enter the market, which already has its own music consisting of sounds and stories. While shopping in the square, people tell tales of love and jealousy. Courtships and quarrels are mixed with the rhythm and steps of the Tarantella dance.

At sunset, with Vesuvius on the horizon, love is the only song to be sung. The landscapes which inspired the famous writers of the "Grand Tour"—from Goethe to Wagner, from Nietzsche to Croce—express their eternal charm through local songs: "'O sole mio," "'O sapore de' cerase."

The musical ends with a festive atmosphere. The square adorned with lights, the sky illuminated with fireworks, and everyone captivated by the rhythm of dance, singing of their joy for life, and ready to face tomorrow with its passions, love, and work.



  • Admission to Armida Theatre
  • Welcome Drink: Prosecco or wine or soft drinks



  • Transfers to and from your hotel 
  • Food, Included only if you have booked the Show with dinner